Be Open

Have you ever felt gnarled and twisted, unsure of a choice to make, a path to take, a decision on which direction to go in an endeavor, relationship or project? It can feel a bit overwhelming, like this:



You wonder how it's all going to untangle in your mind. But instead of standing still and staring at the bramble puzzle that is your mind, you just start moving in the direction you're pretty sure is the one you want to go in. You're not 100% clear, but it's the best feeling option at the moment, so you move forward a few steps in that direction. With those few action steps the gnarly mass starts to loosen.

It's starting to feel more clear, come in to more focus and really untangling to the point where you now see a distinct clear line in the direction of what you want.

You might get sidetracked a little bit, or confused as to which is the path that leads to your desired result. But now you're realizing the thing you wanted is over in one direction and you just got diverted a bit off that path, and while you saw some cool stuff, you really want to be over there.


So you find your way back with the choices, decisions and actions that lead to the really cool thing that now you're getting pretty excited about!

Now you're even feeling enthusiastic because you know there's something really amazing waiting for you, not that the journey isn't part of the good stuff - but the destination is getting you excited :-)

And then there it is! This amazing place where you've arrived - it's even more beautiful than you imagined. Take in the scene, be present in that awesome moment of arrival and hang out for a bit. Check it out from all angles, notice how it feels in your body, enjoy the joy! 


While you're there, you might come to the realization that if you got to this destination . . . and you have others in mind . . . that quite literally a whole world of infinite possibilities is available to you!

Wow!! That's pretty incredible you might be thinking. And it occurs to you how to do that.

"If I just stay open. If I open my mind to new ideas, what can be possible in my life? If I open my heart to others, how much deeper can my relationships be? If I open my arms and my lungs to take in fresh air and salty breezes, how will that oxygen revitalize my body and feed my brain? If I open my spirit and invite her to come out and play, where will she take me dancing?"

Patty Blue Hayes1 Comment