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Who I Am.

I am a curious soul on a journey through life. I've learned lessons, I've repeated mistakes, I'm growing into the woman I'd hoped I would be one day.

I'm a writer and a helper. I love writing about life experiences through the lens of my past and my own perceptions with the hope the reader will reflect on their own thoughts and feelings. 

In Los Angeles I worked on several movies as a production assistant. But I wanted to be the one behind the words spoken on the screen. Five manually typed (yes, on a typewriter) screenplays created an abundant scrap paper collection, but that knowledge helps me show the story in my books, not just tell.

My divorce healing journey lead me on an introspective quest to grieve, heal and create a new me. Part of that path included certification in several life coaching programs. 


Patty Blue Hayes, Coach & Award-Winning Author

Patty Blue Hayes, Coach & Award-Winning Author

author & coach

How I can help.

If you are at a crossroads in life I can help you find clarity by guiding you through coaching sessions focused on thought provoking questions and self-examining and silly practices that will give you great insights, lucidity and most importantly, change. 

Are you an author with a collection of books unwritten? My consultation package will help you find your unique way to write and publish your book. Working with me will save you the hundreds of hours I spent researching how to write and publish my books.

If you're a business owner and your copy doesn't reflect your brand, let's get clear on your customer, what problem you're solving for them and why you are the best choice for their needs.


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