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‘reclaim your space’ client ~ ROSARIO

I don’t know what I would have done without Patty’s help. I had so much work to do before getting my house on the market & Patty simplified this process. Patty is very hard-working and gets things done. I would gladly hire her again & recommend her highly.


"We bonded over the heart break every woman feels at the disillusionment of "happily ever after", the ending of a marriage. Her coaching style is warm, reassuring and full of compassion. There was never anything but deep love in every word in every conversation. Through her experiences, Patty knows the pain associated with divorce. And because of that she has come out the other side, full of insights and deep compassion to share with others. I am deeply grateful to Patty for all of her compassionate coaching."

C. Torres

“I would not be where I am today without this rockstar of a woman. Patty has been immeasurable to my journey of healing and self worth. I will be forever grateful to her for all of her wisdom and kindness.”

Paula S.

"Patty's advice and understanding was invaluable. She instinctively knew when to push me to the next level and knew when to pause. She is compassionate and funny and together we helped me break some old patterns (negative ones) and replace them with positive tools to use in the situations that challenge me. One thing I loved about working with Patty was together we really focused on results. If a technique didn't work for me we ditched it and found something that did. Life is good at throwing us curves and since spending time with Patty and putting into practice the advice she gave me and things to do when I hit my personal walls I am much better at handling them!"


"Kudos to Patty for the positive ideas she instilled in me last fall! I no longer spend inordinate amounts of time looking back, feeling guilt or regret, or wallowing in self-pity about the past. I'm learning a lot, especially about myself, getting my confidence back, realizing my self worth, having fun, making new friends, and am in a MUCH better place now! I am truly grateful to Patty."

Natalie Stets

Natalie Stets

Natalie Stets, Intuitive Guide & Coach, Founder of Soul Gypsy

"Completing the Infinite Possibilities workshop with Patty Blue Hayes was an incredibly valuable experience. My awareness of my negative self-talk increased and I learned how to compassionately question my beliefs in order to clarify their origins. I still use the tools for re-framing my thoughts and communication to be positive and supportive of what I want to create next in my life! Thank you Patty"

Meghan Madsen, Program Manager for Transitions Mental Health Agency Wellness Center

Infinite Possibilities is a mind awaking tool that shows you how much your own thoughts create your world! Patty Blue Hayes is an inspiring, empathetic, and fantastic facilitator.



“Patty is such a giving, helpful, thoughtful soul. She gave me amazing insights into my book that made it become an Amazon best-seller. Among her best advice was to focus on who the target market is for the book, who I wanted to help, and to think about the “hero’s journey” in each chapter and the book. 

Mindful Money Management: Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager would not be the book it is today without Patty’s insights and advice. I would highly recommend her for anyone interested in making their book a bestseller.”

Book Reviews.


Franz Wisner, NY Times bestselling author of Honeymoon with My Brother and How the World Makes Love

Brava to Patty Blue Hayes for having the strength and courage to pen a heartfelt, riveting, and unflinchingly honest account of her divorce and subsequent downward spiral. Packed with insights and emotional discoveries, Wine, Sex and Suicide – My Near Death Divorce, is a must-read for anyone who has struggled to recover from a life-jolting setback.



I applaud her bravery in opening up to such a depth that at times it took my breath away! When I finished reading, there was a point when I thought of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. So many women and some men I am sure, have these life altering events happen and for the most part we still do not ‘speak’ of them. And some struggle much harder, longer to extricate themselves from their own darkness.

alex milaychev - Public speaking coach 

Patty takes the reader on a visceral journey through the darkest places of the human soul. This honest, raw, exposed story sheds light on the nature of human suffering, and makes it okay to feel not okay. Reading this true tale made me feel less afraid of my own demons, knowing that human tenacity can carry us through even our darkest hours. I would recommend this book not only to those suffering from heartbreak, but also to those who know someone that is. I would also recommend this book to the happily married woman who has ever said to herself, "I don't know what I'd do if I lost him." It's empowering to know the answer to that question.

Charles J. Orlando, bestselling author of The Problem with Women… is Men® book series

Wine, Sex and Suicide offers a raw look into the ugly emotional challenges of separating after a long-term relationship. Patty Blue Hayes connects with her readers through her sheer willingness to be transparent and vulnerable, and has penned an amazing married-but-headed-through-the-swirling-maelstrom-of-divorce version of Eat. Pray. Love. For those women who are fearful of what things will look like on the other side of separation, Wine, Sex and Suicide serves as a beacon of empathy and hope, showcasing how you never really know how strong you are until the Universe forces your hand. 

Dave Congalton, News/Talk 920 KVEC Radio,

Wine, Sex and Suicide - My Near Death Divorce, is an unflinching, uncompromising, look at how the author's life spins out of control in the wake of an unexpected divorce after 17 years of marriage. Patty Blue Hayes drags us across the barren, emotional landscape of abandonment, alcohol, and addiction as she struggles to maintain order in her post-marriage world. Hayes pulls no punches in sharing her uphill battle with sex addiction, her fight to maintain hope and a positive self image.  There are sections so raw, the reader will feel like an intruder. But kudos to Hayes for the courage to tell her story and hopefully her journey will inspire others struggling with similar issues.  Often a difficult story to read, but ultimately inspiring and heartfelt, beautifully told by one who was once lost, but now is found.

SUSAN RICE - COMEDIAN-'stop me if i've heard this' podcast

“The author painted a great visual picture. It was heartbreaking to read her story and yet it was clear that she would bounce back from the adversity.”

amazon review - great book even if you are not heartbroken!

This genuine and inspirational book is perfect for anyone who has experienced a loss in his or her's life. It will help somebody to get through a divorce, a breakup or the death of someone close. It shows you that even in the darkest time, you are not alone!

I am happily married, but I really enjoyed reading Wine, Sex and Suicide. You don't need to be heartbroken to be touched and inspired by the spiritual path that the author Patty Blue Hayes initiates after her divorce. I absolutely love Los Angeles, so I really loved seeing the city through her eyes. I was very captivated by the way Ms Hayes talks about her relationship with others. She describes beautifully her feelings throughout the entire book; I could not put it down! I also have a lot of admiration for people who are able to show their dark side. Everyone could relate with what Patty Blue Hayes talks about in this diary style book.

amazon review - Anyone who has gone through a painful divorce, or truly any painful time.

Patty's style of writing gripped me immediately. It is a raw, honest, and brave account of a dark time in the author's life. Anyone who has gone through a painful divorce, or truly any painful time, can relate and feel less alone. And for people who haven't experienced a similar experience it is still a wonderful story of a broken spirit who moves towards healing. It is inspiring to witness the positivity that the author maintains throughout. Beautiful story that leaves one wanting to know what happens next.

preview READER

Can’t wait to see the movie.

Amazon review - very inspiring

I couldn't put this book down! Patty is a wonderful author.... I would love to read more. So glad she was able to turn her pain into writing. To help other women not feel so alone. To help women realize they need to create an identity of their own and not allow someone else to make up their self worth. I didn't want this book to end... The story can't stop there! Will the journey be continued? I could honestly read a whole series! Very inspiring... Thanks for sharing something so deep and personal. This book is a great read!

Good Reads Review - It was amazing

The author shares her story of love, marriage, and divorce. The author goes on to describe her life before, during, and after divorce. The loss of a marriage is like any loss. There is a grieving process and she let's us know it's OK to grieve for it truly is a loss. Not only a loss of spouse, but extended family and friends as well. We read of her life, self sabotage and blame, a woman struggling to find herself. It was well written and an honest portrayal. I thank the author for sharing her story. As a woman who went through similar circumstances, it helped validate my feelings. A great read. Highly recommend.