How The Small Things Expanded My Abundance Mindset

When I enter into a growth spurt there's a certain amount of wobbling off center, discomfort and even good old 'FEAR,' which as I know is only False Evidence Appearing Real, but that's the point; it appears real.

Have you noticed this? You might be feeling really good about the start of something, a new project or a new relationship and then when it gets close to expanding or getting more intimate, your thoughts take a turn for the dismal?

It's normal. It's just our brain doing its job trying to keep us safe. The reptilian part of the brain is the old stodgy grey matter rearing its blobby head to protect us from unknown danger. Back in the cave man days it was useful to protect us from sabertooth tigers and mean and nasty tribes who might steal the food.

In our modern culture the mushy grey matter is activated when we venture beyond the boundaries of the known world. New beginnings, to the reptilian brain, are dangerous. "What if I'm not meant to be doing this?" "How do I know this is the right decision?" "What if they reject me?"

I went on a walk to clear my mind of the lack and fear based thinking I felt coming on like a case of the flu. 

One of the practices I teach on getting perspective turns out is also hugely effective for re-energizing the abundance mindset!

For this experience you will need 1 magnifying glass and the great outdoors.

I started looking through the lens and seeing the world that largely goes unnoticed, thought about or counted in any given day.

We might think cerebrally about 'how many grains of sand' exist on the planet, but to be out among the dunes on a huge expansive coastline, walking barefoot, grabbing handfuls of sand, examining it with the magnifying glass is truly mind-blowing. It's one section of beach in one town, in one state, in one country, on one planet. That's a lot of grains of sand. And then there's the feather, the shells, the seaweed, the water.

The plants that I've walked past on numerous occasions now became larger than life, like a whole Dr. Seuss world unfolding before my eyes.

As I walked the sand dunes, my world grew bigger and bigger the more I realized how small things were because there were an infinite number of small things. 

If grains of sand and molecules of plants and water existed and were continually being created - then of course my dreams and visions could come into tangible manifestation. From a scientific perspective it would be impossible for me to subscribe to a lack mentality when I saw for myself how truly abundant the universe is.

I stayed out among the dunes and flowers and shrubs, crawling around on my knees like a little girl in wide-eyed wonder, what's the secret world hidden behind each petal and twig? Time elapsed as the sky slipped toward dusk. On my walk back my vision of the world around me had quadrupled because of this exercise.

I saw so much of everything around me! And of all that I saw, that was the tiniest fraction of what exists or is currently being created.

I affirm life is bountiful and all that I desire is right there, waiting for me to believe, to ask and to receive. 



Patty Blue Hayes2 Comments