Whisper Thin Emotions

As I viewed the sky at dusk and saw how within minutes the colors of my world changed around me, it brought to mind how our emotions are much like the particles that make up wispy clouds forming and un-forming within seconds with no defined line of when exactly is before and when is considered after.

Pink's warmth held soft promises of comfort, connection and peace while just moments earlier the silvery steel teal was distant, representing feelings of isolation, disconnection and perhaps even tears. 

The warm and cool spectrum existed in the same sky, much like our emotions, always there beneath the surface waiting to be called up or perhaps pushing their way to the surface undeniably like a gleaming ray of sunlight highlighting a sliver of a cloud. 

We know life is about contrast, to know joy we must know sorrow, to know peace we must have experienced turmoil, to feel belonging we must have known disconnection. Like the wisps of colors blending, dancing and disappearing in the sky, our emotions take on different hues and degrees of saturation depending upon the moment, the environment, what is illuminated and what remains in darkness. 

One minute we may be embraced by pink's soft memories but a quick glance to the left and a cool grey sliver of isolation runs through us even though a mere few seconds ago we felt connected to ourselves, all of life and humanity. Contrast can show itself in an instant.

What if I could observe the sky of emotion and accept all of it's shades and shimmers? How much peace could I bring into my life knowing emotions change like the subtle colors drifting imperceptibly at sunset and to be in their presence as an observer, knowing how they blend and pass with winds of change.

Emotions, like the colors of dawn and dusk, are fluid. They are ever changing moment to moment. What if I did my best to be present in each moment with whatever color I may be experiencing?

Patty Blue HayesComment