Reclaim Your Trust

What does reading that word bring up for you?

Has someone violated your trust? Were you blindsided from their betrayal?

"How could they do that? They said they loved me?" Runs through your every waking moment and even invades your sleep?

It is a sad and sorry state when someone we love can act in such a cold or cruel way. We've opened the petals of our heart blossom, only to have the dishonorable person rip away our soft tender petals and leave us feeling crushed and broken.

Well, today, dear flower, is the day you declare to start trusting yourself. You can even say it out loud right now, c'mon, it'll feel good to make that statement.

Today is the day I start trusting myself!

Felt good, didn't it?

I understand. You might not believe it. That is normal and perfectly fine. This is how we act as if in order to create new thought patterns which in turn creates new feelings which then inspires new actions.

Don't you think if you'd listened to that little voice inside (oh, it was there, you know it) you wouldn't be in this emotional mess right now! I know that small voice of wisdom spoke to me frequently but my diminished feelings of self-worth silenced my intuition.

Trust yourself. You have great wisdom from deep within your soul.

As human beings, we all have great intuitive guidance that for some reason we don't always pay attention to. In our fast paced lives we don't often create the quiet reflective time and space we need to really hear what our intuition is telling us. Sometimes it's because we already know what we must do but we really don't want that to be the answer. So we go into a bit of denial and face a repeat of same situations over and over until WE are willing to change.

Today, claim some quiet time for yourself to be in contemplation with an open mind (not the racing mind full of a million thoughts). The quiet mind releases the chatter and allows those thoughts to drift downstream, usher them gently on their way.

From Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Visualize those cluttering thoughts drifting like a leaf in a stream, floating away from you. Let them drift downstream.

Let it go . . . .

When your mind is fairly quiet (I know, this feels like it would take weeks!), bring to mind a few questions about your situation. They might be phrased like this:

"Is this (relationship, job, choice, city, activity) contributing to my overall desire for love, connection, joy, peace, growth, fulfillment?"

"What would you (your intuitive self) like me to know about _____?"

"What is the truth that I know for sure about this?"

"Is this in alignment with how I envisioned my life?"

"What would I need to change to resolve this?"

"What am I afraid to let go of?"

"What is the most loving and kind thing I could do for myself in this situation?"

"If I weren't afraid of making changes, what would be the best thing for me?"

Be curious about these questions and listen quietly for the answers. Write them down, start journaling to explore these answers. You may find you've had this answer deep within you for a long time but have been avoiding it.

Having some quiet reflective time to be still can be very calming. Try to include some stillness in each day. Maybe it's while you sip your morning tea - instead of facing the computer screen - gaze out the window. Perhaps it's in the car - instead of listening to the radio - drive in silence. Spritz a little aromatherapy spray and your car is transformed into a little zen mobile.

You'll know the grounding and calm sense of truly knowing the answer to your question. You may not like it, because it will require change and perhaps strength you are not sure you have. Trust that this solid understanding can help eliminate some of the past racing thoughts you’ve been experiencing.

Each time you check in with yourself and your Internal Guidance System, you'll learn to be more trusting of the answers that appear from your inner wisdom you were gifted with at birth.

Just for today . . . 

Allow yourself to find the quiet mind and receive the answers from your soul.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Today when you see the color green (and the planet is FULL of green!) be reminded to check in with yourself. Be reminded to trust yourself. Be assured you have all the wisdom inside of you right now.

How to remember this?

  • Wear something green

  • Drink only green tea

  • Say green 50 times in the morning

I have all the answers from within.

I can trust myself.

Take good care of your heart and soul,

Patty Blue Hayes

~ The Seed Does Not Become A Blossom Overnight ~

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