Reclaim Your Sense of Play



When was the last time you felt a lighthearted sense of being playful? If you're going through a heavy hearted time, it's probably been a while since you've connected with your inner child and invited them out to play.

Even in our dark times, we can surrender for the moment and release the heavy pressure through finding something silly, joyful or fun to engage in. As you've probably discovered, our emotions are fluid throughout the day. Thankfully there is usually a respite from the clenching grip on our hearts and minds.

I'm encouraging you to intentionally create some of those lighter moments in order to give yourself a break.

Something as easy as watching a comedy can lift your spirits. Get lost in the story and feel a little relief from any of the over thinking you may have been doing.

How can you bring a sense of childlike curiosity to your day? In what ways can you 'lighten up' and not take things so seriously. How can you bring some spunk and spark into your day?

Watch children today and take a cue from what they're doing. They skip, they dance, they swing on the swing set, they pick flowers, blow bubbles, ride a bicycle and let out a 'weeeee' as they speed down a hill. Children embrace the frivolity and joy of the moment.

When was the last time you sang to the radio while driving? Walked barefoot on the grass, or rolled down a hill?

If you have kids, spend a little extra play time with them - or if your babies are of the furry kind, get out their favorite toy and play.

Do you still have a favorite childhood doll, stuffed animal, toy or book? Connect with any item from the past that can help you embrace the qualities you had as a child. Perhaps eat your favorite foods from when you were a happy-go-lucky kid without a care in the world.

You Tube probably has some videos of your favorite shows, cartoons or music from when you were a child.

Today is all about taking it a little easy, a little light. It's not to minimize what you may be experiencing but just to ease up on yourself a little bit. 

Take a nice deep breath (yes, right now) ~ exhale the stress and worry. Do this a few times.

It's alright, let it go.

Allowing yourself to be playful sends a message that you're hopeful, you believe in the brighter future, you're ready for things to lift, to improve and that despite circumstances, you are capable of laughter and lightheartedness.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Let the spirit of playfulness be your guide toward the light of frivolity where laughter will revive your weary soul like an old friend inviting you inside on a blustery day. 
— patty blue hayes

Curious about the story behind the picture?

When you see playful purple, let it be a reminder to check in with yourself and see if you've been in the mindset of playfulness.

Take good care of your heart and soul,

Patty Blue Hayes

~ The Seed Does Not Become A Blossom Overnight ~


How to remember this?

  • Eat grapes throughout the day

  • Get a purple pedicure

  • Plant purple pansies

The Feelings Wheel

The Feelings Wheel


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