Reclaim Your Nourishment

Nourish yourself today.

What does that look like for you? To nourish your body, mind and spirit?

Whether your heart is aching or life is just too busy and stressed, the first thing we let go is the care we give ourselves. Just let this one day be a day of nourishing yourself in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We all know we're supposed to drink a gazillion ounces of water a day. I know I don't drink nearly enough water. Let today be the one day that you do drink the extra water, get the recommended daily allowance of fiber, vitamin C and exercise. Just for today. Can you make a slightly better choice in food? Are you willing to reduce the intake of sugar, alcohol, high fat food or salt?

Pick up the phone (yes, right now!) and book the massage, facial, pedicure, acupuncture, chiropractor, watsu, a salt scrub or any other body treatment that would feel really relaxing, nurturing and comforting. Do it now, and you'll have something to look forward to in the coming week and feel a sense of accomplishing something today that nurtures you. 

Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. When we're stressed out, the cortisol levels rise in our bodies and over time if that isn't managed, it can cause chronic anxiety, insomnia and a whole bunch of health problems. 

Have breakfast today. Go enjoy some kind of yummy vitamin and nutrient packed smoothie or green juice that you've never had before. As you drink the extra water today, infuse it with special powers, drink in the strength you need, or the patience and faith so that you have it within you to handle what's going on in your life.

Skip the news today. Not much will change in 24 hours, you can go right back to it tomorrow if you'd like, but just for today, listen to beautiful music that nurtures your soul. Don't assault your senses with news blasts of the tragedies of the world. You may have your own world of issues right now - no need to layer on more.

Do you have a book on the shelf of comforting poems or stories or an art book with beautiful images? Take a few minutes to read a few pages of that book today. How else might you bring nourishment to your mind, your heart, your spirit? What can you take in through your eyes that is beautiful?  

Could you take some time today for a peaceful nap or light a few candles and take a bath? Have you picked up one of those coloring books for grown ups? Get out some colored pencils or borrow some crayons and let your mind ease up by drawing. Creating art can be incredibly nourishing to the soul.

What can you do today to feed each of the areas of your life?

Ask yourself:

Is this (activity, conversation, person, choice) serving my highest self and my desire for self nourishment
Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens


And when the day is done. Let this be the night you actually do go to bed an hour earlier than usual. 

Be soft and gentle, supportive and kind to your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

When you see the color yellow today, let it be a reminder to nurture yourself. Even if it's in one small way. Just for today.

How to remember this?

  • If the sun is shining, be nourished by the warmth

  • Snack on sunflower seeds

  • Put slices of lemon in your water

Take good care of your heart and soul,

Patty Blue Hayes

~ The Seed Does Not Become A Blossom Overnight ~


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