Reclaim Your Love

What if you knew for sure that you are loved?

Imagine how that would that make you feel. To know deep within your heart, you are loved.

Things may be going on in your life that cause you to feel alone and question if anyone cares about you or loves you. 

We have to realize at these times that those are just thoughts stemming from our sadness.

It is not the truth. The thoughts we think are simply that, thoughts. We give these thoughts meaning.

Sometimes we feel a lack of love because we may not be acting very lovingly toward ourselves.

Over time, I learned that the more I honored, respected and began to love myself, the more I saw that reflected back to me from the people in my life. And I had to part with some of the people who were draining my energy and weren’t kind, supportive or loyal.

Some people in your life right now are like the most beautiful blossom of a rose, and others are like the weeds taking up all the nutrients. You'll most likely have to prune out some of those invasive pesky weeds. You know who they are. The ones who drag you into their drama, ask for favors and help all the time, make you feel guilty if you say 'no' to their ongoing requests of your time. And then when you need them? They're too busy or they diminish your emotions.

Once you start loving yourself (or just start with liking) a little more each day, you'll have fewer of those people in your life because you'll start getting comfortable setting healthy boundaries and saying the magic word, 'no.'

This does take time. But taking small steps forward, consistently, adds up to making big changes.

So, let's just start with today.

This moment right now as you're reading this.

Receive a big beautiful breath and exhale, let your shoulders relax (they were up by your ears, weren't they?)

Now I want you to think of something nice you will do for yourself today.

And this is your mantra,

"I deserve to be good to myself."

Repeat this mantra as you drive, make your coffee, deal with traffic, ride the bus, stumble on the sidewalk, deal with the ex, the boss, the kids, the family, the lack of family, the mail. 

No matter what. Today your mantra is "I deserve to be good to myself."

Let your thoughts and actions today be guided by this mantra. So when you start criticizing yourself for things done or not done, stop before that thought plants roots. Replace it with your mantra, “I deserve to be good to myself.”


When you see the color pink today - let that be a reminder to give yourself a compliment. Every time you see pink today

How to remember this?

  • Write Pink on post-its - place them all over

  • Set a calendar reminder for Pink

  • Wear the color pink

  • Put a pink ribbon around your wrist

Try This Practice

A colleague shared a sweet practice she learned to do when she was feeling a bit lonely after her divorce.

Before you fall asleep at night, and when you wake up in the morning, connect with your heart, maybe by placing your hands over your heart and start to feel the energy there and focus your attention on your heartspace.

First, think of the people you know and say, "Brad loves me. Jen loves me. Dan loves me." and then reverse it, "I love Frances. I love Jay. I love Zack."

I found this to be a very helpful practice.

I hope you do as well.

Take good care of your heart and soul,

Patty Blue Hayes

~  The Seed Does Not Become A Blossom Overnight   ~