Reclaim Your Heart

Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand

Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand


What does it mean to reclaim your heart?

Our heart is the space from which we feel connected to all of life, to others and to ourselves. When we've gone through an experience that bruises our heart, we can often feel disconnected from ourselves and others.

When we're in self protection or under stress, we've blocked off the energy flow to and from our heart space. Just like a thaw after a winter freeze, your heart space may now be feeling like it's coming back to life, emerging to the promise of spring and anticipating the warmth of summer.

The past 13 lessons have been encouraging you to open your heart and your connection with your feelings, your intuition and the world around you.

Today, take some time to connect with the energy of your heart. Place your hands over your heart to bring your focus to that area. Feel the warmth of your hands softening the space in your chest around your heart.

Breathe deeply, focusing your loving attention to your heart space. With each exhale, let go of resistance and fear. With each deep inhale, feel an expansion and softening of your heart.

Imagine your heart is like the bud of a flower ready to bloom and with each breath you are encouraging the petals to open gently. Keep doing this breath work until you feel that the flower has opened, the soft petals yield to the warmth and light of love.

Reconnecting with our heart space is an ongoing practice to maintain after we've been through a cold and dark hibernation. Repeat these lessons, incorporating them into your daily routine as much as possible. With your focused awareness and intention, your heart will open with compassion for yourself and others.

It's my greatest wish that you've received some benefit from these writings and have practiced at least some of them and found some comfort from doing so. We make changes in small incremental steps, so be patient with yourself and keep moving forward with purposeful intention.

Thank you for reading these messages of inspiration and hope. You have an abundance of colors to remind you how to be good to yourself and open up the petals of the beautiful flower of your heart.

The color of your heart is pure Gold. When you see this color, let it remind you of the treasure you are in this world. Let it shine upon you like the rays from the sun and may the color gold enrich your life in all your endeavors.

How will you remember this? By placing your hands over your heart, breathing in deeply, confidently and lovingly, filling your body, mind and spirit with love and appreciation for yourself and all living things.

Take good care of your heart and soul,

Patty Blue Hayes

~  The Seed Does Not Become A Blossom Overnight   ~