Reclaim Your Ability to Receive

How easy is it for you to receive?

Can you receive help from people or do you thank them for their offer but politely decline, taking on the burden all alone?

How do you feel about receiving compliments? Do you feel worthy of them or do you feel embarrassed when someone says something nice about the way you look or something you did?

Do you shy away from accepting kind words by deflecting back to the other person because your insides are clenching with discomfort when hearing complimentary words?

You may be much more comfortable in the role of giving, but that is only one part of the equation. There is a reciprocal nature that we often forget, that is to give and receive.


Just as the tide ebbs and flows, energetically it is healthier for us to be in balance with what we offer to others and what we allow ourselves to receive.


Today, practice being receptive. By definition this means to also be open to new ideas, new thoughts and suggestions. What would it feel like to open yourself up today with a willingness to accept new ways of thinking or a new approach to an old problem?

Being able to receive is also allowing yourself to accept the abundance of life all around you. Try this subtle shift in perception; when you're outside in nature, think of the natural beauty flowing to you and giving you life, energy or peace. Nature does not exist in a static environment, it is giving to all living beings.

The natural world provides food, shelter and beauty for all creatures on the planet. Accept this beauty in a way where the scene comes to meet your gaze, not your eyes taking in the landscape. It's a subtle difference but one that can soften the way you perceive things today.

In that same way, instead of taking deep breaths, think of receiving the beautiful gift of oxygen from nature. The nature of life is to give, to replenish, to renew. Imagine it's all there for you to receive as you need it.

Start feeling comfortable with receiving from the natural world and work up to being more open and receptive to help that's offered and compliments from other people. Remember it is a reciprocal agreement with another, we are allowing them to give when we allow ourselves to receive.

If this is challenging for you, just be aware of what's coming up for you and do some journaling about your feelings. You may be able to trace back to a limiting belief that is preventing you from feeling deserving. 

Keep practicing being mindful about your comfort level with receiving, make any shifts in thinking you need to in order to become more comfortable with this.

You can even practice the art of receiving by seeing even ordinary things as being given to you; like the store clerk handing you the change, or the barista giving you the latte', the server delivering a plate of food.

Practice being open and accepting today. Become an open blossom.


When you see the color Magenta today, receive it's soothing warmth. Let it remind you to open your arms and your heart to life’s precious gifts.

How to remember this?

  • Pick up some raspberries to snack on

  • Place magenta paint swatches around your home

  • Treat yourself to a bouquet of magenta roses

Take good care of your heart and soul,

Patty Blue Hayes

~ The Seed Does Not Become A Blossom Overnight ~