Individual Coaching

What the heck is Coaching, anyway?

Coaching is a personal development tool that helps us with any number of issues we have in life. People use coaching to discover what they are best suited for professionally, to ease stress in their lives, improve the quality of their interpersonal relationships and coaching can be a valuable exploration process when we are in a life transition, feeling stagnant and uncertain of how to develop feelings of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Making change can feel very scary. We don't really like change and when we're in a life phase of self discovery and reinvention after a divorce or career shift, we often don't know how to start. That's where working with me becomes your transformational tool.

How we start working together

I've put a few packages together that address different types of changes women typically find themselves making after divorce. Please read through and see what might be best for you. We can chat about this to ensure you're off to a good start to make those positive changes in your life.


90 DAYS TO SELF DISCOVERY after divorce

Are you a woman who has worked through your grief and the legalities of the divorce details are behind you? Do you feel like you’re not sure who you are without being the wife and partner you were for so many years?

Does your life feel a bit blah? You don’t know what inspires you or what your own personal values and interests are? You might be going through the motions and wondering what’s next, certain there has to be more to your life than Netflix and a bag of chips.

This is the perfect time to discover the new and improved you!

In working with me, you will become a dynamic character in the next chapter of your life and embrace new aspects of your personality that inspire and fulfill you.

The 90 Days to Self Discovery After Divorce journey will give you the tools to discover who you are after divorce:

  • Create inner and outer harmony in your life
  • Discover your personal values
  • Develop and trust your inner wisdom
  • Infuse your life with playfulness and curiosity
  • Live in alignment with your soul self
  • Experience inner peace with authenticity
  • Honor the past while embracing the future

This creative, introspective journey gives you:

  • An initial one-hour discussion of your personal assessment questionnaire results
    • Gives insight into your current state of contentment in all areas of your life
    • Provides a measured baseline for your starting point
    • Identifies patterns, habits, beliefs and strengths
  • Three 45-minute Self Discovery Focused sessions per month to include:
    • Discussion of introspective personal assessment results (Myers Briggs, Enneagram, DeMartini)
    • Personalized weekly self discovery expeditions – be prepared for fun
    • Accountability to your personal development plan
  • Your own tools to create new thoughts, beliefs and actions aligned with your emerging self
  • Email support as needed for success celebrations, guidance questions, accountability and encouragement.

The investment for the 90 Days to Self Discovery After Divorce journey is $1,450 

Full payment discount, save $250 – one payment of $1,200.

Share the journey – have a friend, sister or mom you'd like to share the journey with? You each invest fully in yourselves at only half the cost.



You've done some inner work, maybe you've attended a few workshops or retreats, read a stack of self-help books and now would like ongoing consistent coaching guidance for your own personal journey. You may be deciding on whether to relocate and sell your home, or start a business, go back to school or set off on a wanderlust adventure (I did this in an RV!).

This monthly retainer package is the easiest way to commit to your personal growth on your terms. 

    The Ongoing Monthly Guidance journey supports your specific quest. Elements of your coaching package include:

    • An initial one-hour discussion of your personal assessment questionnaire results
      • Gives insight into your current state of contentment in all areas of your life
      • Provides a measured baseline for your starting point
      • Identifies patterns, habits, beliefs and strengths
    • Two 45-minute Self Discovery Focused sessions per month:
      • Identify three specific objectives in different areas of your life
      • Specify your desired results to set goals
      • Accountability to your personal action plan
      • Dismantling limiting beliefs, blocks and resistance
    • Three 15-minute clarity calls for specific insights in the moment
    • Post session email reflection

    The investment for the Ongoing Monthly Guidance journey is $355 per month. Three month minimum. Automatic renewal monthly until you decide you've reached your goals.

    ready to talk?

    Let's schedule a time to talk and see if we'd be a good fit to work together. I do ask that my clients are open minded to some of the seemingly silly exercises I come up with. And, I ask that you spend focused time on answering the questionnaire you're given upon starting on this journey together. The more you write, the better I'm able to see a broader picture of who you are and who you might like to become.

    My job is to support you on your own unique personal journey by asking questions, informing you of concepts and principles you may not be aware of, suggest practices to expand your self awareness and to gently help you dig deeper into your belief systems.

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    I have strict client confidentiality principles. My job is to act as your cheerleader, your guide and a compassionate observer. Your best interest and helping you achieve what you desire is my priority and my privilege.

    Let's get started!