Individual Coaching

What the heck is Coaching, anyway?

Coaching is a personal development tool that helps us with any number of issues we have in life. People use coaching to discover what they are best suited for professionally, how to ease stress in their lives, improve the quality of their interpersonal relationships and coaching can be a valuable exploration process when we are in a life transition, feeling a bit lost or disconnected.

Coaching is focused on the future, is goal oriented and has accountability for the client. Typically when I work with someone I help them come up with their own action plan and we break that down into small, manageable items that are done each week. Or they don't get done and we then look at what got in the way.

Making change can feel very scary. We don't really like change. That's when we have to connect with why it's important for us to venture down this self exploration path. What are the feelings we desire? For me, I've always wanted inner peace, clarity, trust in my decision making process and to gain confidence.

I had to let go of a lot of past beliefs that weren't serving me and my goals. I had to change a pattern of people-pleasing and I had to learn how to reclaim my personal power rather than giving it away to other people's opinions of me.

Do any of the following describe how you're feeling?

  • Blah ~ going through the motions but desire more vibrancy in your life.
  • Uncertain ~ not really sure which path to take and you're frozen in place.
  • Searching ~ is this all there is? Wondering what the heck is a life purpose and where yours is?
  • Inspired ~ you've been so ready and so ready and so ready, but haven't taken any action.
  • Loopy ~ you'd like to break the cycle of the same old thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let's schedule a time to talk and see if we'd be a good fit to work together. I do ask that my clients are open minded to some of the seemingly wacky exercises I come up with. And, I ask that you spend focused time on answering the questionnaire you're given upon starting on this journey together. The more you write, the better I'm able to see a broader picture of you.

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I have strict client confidentiality principles. My job is to act as your cheerleader, your guide and a compassionate observer. Your best interest and helping you achieve what you desire is my priority and my privilege.

Let's get started!