One Quick Tip on How To Deal With A Breakup (Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash)

Sometimes we just have to ask for what we need.

When you're going through a breakup, your friends and family may not know that you're spending sleepless nights trying to distract yourself from thoughts of him or her by watching crazy animal antics videos, reruns of every 80's sitcom and even infomercials.

They don't know you've eaten one meal in 3 days and it consisted of ice cream, chocolate chips and a few stale crackers. And you washed them down with copious amounts of alcohol.

Even though we may feel like shutting ourselves off from the world, it's important to reach out and ask for the support we need. Let your girlfriend know you'd like her to keep asking you to go on that neighborhood walk. Tell your family you'd appreciate a few check in calls to see how you're doing. Ask a friend to gather a small group to get together for a movie. You'll have plenty of time to throw the blanket over your head for crying sessions but it's important to balance that with getting the social support you need to feel connected and relieve you from your thoughts for a little bit of time.

I'm happy to provide some advice if you have a specific question on how to handle a current situation. From my own experience, I've gathered a lot of practices, tools and skills on my journey to healing from heartbreak. I never wanted to become so well versed on getting through such a loss, but it feeds my soul to help someone who may be struggling like I was.

So take a deep breath and declare this is the moment you'll reach out and ask for the support you need.