Bud Break

One of the seasons in my Soul Garden Healing coaching program is called Bud Break. It happens to be the current season here on the Central Coast of California. Bud Break is a time of promise and renewal. We've made it through the darkness and are making our way out of hibernation.

San Luis Obispo

It is the culmination of the preceding seasons of tilling the soil, dormancy and winter solstice. Finally, after all the patience we've held, bud break is a time to celebrate - we're relieved and joyful to see the small growth from the seeds we planted months prior, sometimes even years.

This is the season when the practice of patience is rewarded and it is the season of forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and others. Forgive past hurts and broken promises. Forgive disappointments and altered dreams. Shed blame and anger, resentment and fear - let them drop to the soil to fertilize the new growth in a productive way. Don't hold on to the past with a clenched hand and heart. Open to see the beauty of renewal. 

Edna Valley California

For those of you in colder climates, the smallest hint of earth emerging from snow covered ground or a burst of warm weather can set off such joy - you shed the down coat, leave the mittens behind, and might feel inspired to clean out a closet, join a dating site, go to the gym, open that juicer you ordered in the fall. It's a time of excitement when we feel fresh and revitalized.

In our enthusiasm, it's good to remember, Bud Break is a tender time. The new growth is fragile and any number of things we say or do can make the difference between seeing our budding intentions flourish through growth to blossoming and harvest, or they can be knocked off the branch to fall to the ground - never reaching the potential we so desired.

The difference? Kindness, compassion, intention, positive expectation, faith and trust. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it?

It's pretty simple. When that first tender bud appears, give it some attention in a kind and compassionate way. You wouldn't expect the tiny bud to reach full maturity overnight; allow it to have it's own growth process. Encourage it along the way. Speak kindly and with supportive words affirming your belief in yourself, in the budding idea or circumstance. 

Don't knock it to the ground with harsh words, impatience and neglect. And certainly don't allow others to do that, either. Sometimes it's best to keep things in our own secret garden, not letting the world know all at once. We've all known people who might mean well, but seem to say the things that squash the life out of us and our tender ideas, dreams and goals. 

Let's not allow the promising emergence of possibilities be smothered by the words of others.

Enjoy this beautiful secret in the garden of your life. In time, you'll know when the bud is strong enough, and you'll happily and proudly share it with others.

Patty Blue HayesComment