increase your business with the written word


How do you let potential clients know who you are, what is the story behind your business and why they should work with you?

By communicating clearly, in a way that conveys your professionalism while coming across as approachable.

This is where I come in. As a life coach and communication coach for 2nd language learners who develop and engineer the software behind big name online businesses, I am qualified to help you communicate your message to your clients and connect with them in a personal and meaningful way.

I have been personally mentored in Internet Marketing by Tom Antion, one of the most knowledgable people in the ever-changing sphere of online marketing.

  • Do you know if you need an eBook, auto-responders or newsletter?

  • Do you know whether you should tweet, post, pinterest, instagram, facebook or youtube?

  • Does your website copy let viewers know the benefits of your service or product over someone else who offers the same thing?

  • Is the thought of this too confusing?

Yes! It can be very confusing to know what is the best way to communicate with your clients and people you may serve in the future.

All of these questions are answered by knowing your customer, their mindset, their online habits and what's important to them. Usually, keeping things simple and laser focused is more effective than a scattered throw it out there and see what sticks approach. 

So let's talk. From bios to books, if it contains a written word, I'm your person.

for the story you feel afraid to share


I sat in Mr. Romanello's 6th grade class staring out the window with a feeling of adult angst.

I knew I wanted to write a book that would help adults. But I was eleven.

I'd been through some adult stuff by that age, and something inside of me knew I was here to share my experiences in order to help others.

A lot of life happened in between that time and when I finally started writing as if my life depended on it. Ironically, that came on the day I sat at the airport alone, catching an early flight home from vacation where I learned my husband had been sleeping around and was done with our marriage.

I wrote through the pain, the struggle, the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll . . . and the suicide attempt. I wrote through the glimmers of hope, the setbacks, the resurgence of optimism, the challenge of dismantling my beliefs in forever and developing the curiosity of starting a new life.

That book, Wine, Sex and Suicide - My Near Death Divorce, has helped people. And that is what has connected me with my soul's purpose.

Yeah, I guess it sounds a bit dramatic, but isn't that life sometimes? Isn't that how we settle into our peace and purpose - by going through a bit of drama; grieving what was lost or taken, learning the lessons and coming into our own way to be?

I was full of fear to share my story because it was so vulnerable. But my sense of purpose rose above my feelings of shame.

Sharing our stories let's others know they are not alone in that dark night of the soul. We never know who we may reach and what grace that encounter might have.

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