I am currently offering individual coaching. 

patty blue hayes

I think of our souls as beautiful flowers in the garden of life - and sometimes things happen that crush our petals and weaken our stems. 

How are you coping with your divorce or break-up?

If you believe you can get through the heartbreak, but you just don't know how and you're looking for guidance from someone who's been there.

I've been there.

When my marriage ended abruptly, I sunk to the depths of depression and felt abandoned and so alone. I wanted to die. My whole identity was wrapped up in being his wife and my self worth was only based on his approval of me. 

Have you defined yourself by your role like I did? And now you're left wondering who you really are? 


My healing journey inspired me to help others know they are not alone.


Self love was something I learned later along my journey of healing and self discovery. Once I started treating myself better, I was treated better by other people.


I can help you on your path of grieving the loss of what was, what you thought would be 'forever' and the person you were. 

 I am the Been There - Done That coach.  And I don't want you to experience what I did.

Compassionate guidance for your own healing and self discovery

Mike Dooley and Patty Blue Hayes at Infinite Possibilities Training

My path was bumpy. But now, having become a trained life coach and certified in a program called 'Infinite Possibilities', created by Mike Dooley, of the film, "The Secret", and who authored the book, 'Infinite Possibilities', I am educated in the field of personal development and Law Of Attraction and practice these principles in my life to the best of my ability each beautiful day.


Who better to help you through your heartbreak and self discovery than someone who understands exactly what you are going through?

You don't have to go through this alone. You're welcome to join my private Face Book Group, Soul Garden Healing, for support as you navigate a break-up or divorce.

Imagine Feeling:

Supported on your healing journey

A sense of hope

Seen, heard and valued for your experience

Imagine Learning:

Tools and techniques to support you on your healing journey

How to address your emotions and not avoid them

The importance of how our thoughts, beliefs and actions effect our healing

Imagine Receiving:

Personalized individual guidance

Validation of your feelings

A sense of calm and peace 

patty blue hayes

 A Message From Patty

One of my most heartfelt desires is to help people not feel alone in their heartbreak. My life was spared after I was left feeling broken and abandoned when my marriage ended. I have a great desire to use the lessons I've learned and the training I've received to help others.

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I'd like to share more about how I can support you on your journey healing from heartbreak.

Once you fill out the form and send it, I will contact you to set a time to connect and have a chat.

What Is Coaching?

I like to view my coaching as a guidance system to help you come up with your own answers. You are the only one who knows deep within your soul what is right for you. Sometimes we just need a little support along our life's path when it seems full of unexpected hazards. Whether we are healing or rediscovering ourselves and creating new lives, we can tune in to our own inner wisdom and guidance system for the answers.

The answers are not outside of ourselves, they come only from within.

I will share suggestions and various tools I've learned during my own process that may help you find peace, gain clarity and soothe the pain of heartache.

I ask that you have an open mind and heart. I will do the same. 

What Working With Me Looks Like

* 3 month commitment = 12 phone or Skype sessions of 45 minutes once a week. * Email support in between sessions. * Brief text or phone support depending upon life events during the week.

Investment In Yourself

$1,500 for the 12 sessions (includes email, phone, text support). * Pay $500 monthly or  * $1,350 in advance (10% discount for one-time payment)


We will have a 30 minute conversation to determine if we are a good fit to work together. If I don't believe my skills can help you, I will do my best to refer you to someone whose abilities may be better for your success.

You are ready and willing to take this step forward. I will help you become able.

If you decide I'm not the coach for you, please make a written request for a refund of 90% of the unused balance. 



"Patty's advice and understanding was invaluable. She instinctively knew when to push me to the next level and knew when to pause. She is compassionate and funny and together we helped me break some old patterns (negative ones) and replace them with positive tools to use in the situations that challenge me. One thing I loved about working with Patty was together we really focused on results. If a technique didn't work for me we ditched it and found something that did. Life is good at throwing us curves and since spending time with Patty and putting into practice the advice she gave me and things to do when I hit my personal walls I am much better at handling them!"  -  Paula S.

"Patty and I bonded immediately at a conference that we met at. We bonded over the heart break every woman feels at the disillusionment of "happily ever after", the ending of a marriage. Her coaching style is warm, reassuring and full of compassion. There was never anything but deep love in every word in every conversation. On one particular phone call, I was at my darkest. We spoke for some time and at the end she encouraged me to take a walk in the woods. Reluctantly, I did what she suggested, and I was amazed at the results. She knew just what I needed to make a shift. Through her experiences, Patty knows the pain associated with divorce. And because of that she has come out the other side, full of insights and deep compassion to share with others. I am deeply grateful to Patty for all of her compassionate coaching."  - Jessica


"Completing the Infinite Possibilities workshop with Patty Blue Hayes was an incredibly valuable experience. My awareness of my negative self-talk increased and I learned how to compassionately questions my beliefs in order to clarify their origins. I still use the tools for re-framing my thoughts and communication to be positive and supportive of what I want to create next in my life! Thank you Patty" ~ Natalie Stets, Intuitive Guide & Coach, Founder of Soul Gypsy

-Infinite Possibilities is a mind awaking tool that shows you how much your own thoughts create your world! Patty Blue Hayes is an inspiring, empathetic, and fantastic facilitator - Meghan Madsen, Program Manager for Transitions Mental Health Agency Wellness Centers

"Kudos to Patty for the positive ideas she instilled in me last fall! I no longer spend inordinate amounts of time looking back, feeling guilt or regret, or wallowing in self-pity about the past. I'm learning a lot, especially about myself, getting my confidence back, realizing my self worth, having fun, making new friends, and am in a MUCH better place now! I am truly grateful to Patty." - Rob