6 Weeks To Success

6 Weeks To Success


You’re ready to take action, tired of not being able to commit to those resolutions you made in January.

Now is THE time to work with me as your discovery guide and accountability partner.

Don’t let yourself get discouraged - the changes you wanted to make were important to you. The self improvement you’ve been wanting, the feelings of accomplishment, the positive effects on your life that making this change will bring are all possible.

This is a goal oriented coaching package. You made resolutions and didn’t stick with them and now you’re ready to get the positive results you’ve been wanting.

Do a 360 for $360.

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The 6 Weeks To Success Package Gives You a Fresh Start

The time is now to do a complete 360 in your life. Whether you’re trying to start or finish a project, wake up earlier, organize your home in KonMari style or are thinking of starting a business, make a move or be more socially active, working with me for 6 weeks will give you the results you’re looking for.

Here’s what we’ll pack in to our 6 weeks together:

  • One hour initial focus discussion and review of your personal profile questionnaire.

  • Select one goal and discover why this is important to you.

  • Five weekly discovery and accountability sessions of 30 minutes.

  • Create a success focused action plan for each week.

  • Weekly review of new actions, behaviors, thoughts, etc. Troubleshooting and success celebration.

  • Final session focus on maintaining momentum.

  • Unlimited eMail support.