How Your Broken Heart Can Help The Next Woman

Did you feel alone, isolated and like no one really understood just how much pain you were in when your heart was broken?

It was physical. It was spiritual. It was emotional. It was mental. And all of it was just awful. But somehow, by the grace of God, I managed to survive. I know now, I wasn't alone - but at the time I felt like the walking plague with a dark stormy near death divorce cloud swirling around me chaotically. Even if I appeared calm, my mind was racing a million miles a minute.

Does he still care at all about me? He as a girlfriend? How long has he been cheating? How will I take care of myself? Do I have to sell my home? 

Over time, I've learned these are common thoughts and questions that many women have asked themselves. One woman who shared so much about heartbreak was Nora Ephron. The Huffington Post recently shared her top ten lessons on heartbreak.

You know how grounding it feels to hear someone say, "I've been there. I've done that. I know how you feel." It's like you've come home to rest in the comforting arms of a sister or aunt. Like you can finally let out that big exhale, comforted in sisterhood.

The concept of sharing our stories on a larger scale has inspired the topics of my next 2 books and I'm inviting you to be a part of them.

One will be anonymous. The theme - the crazy shit I did after my breakup / divorce; along the lines of what I wrote about in my book, Wine, Sex and Suicide - my near death divorce. I've already heard a few stories that I know will help people. That's been my main inspiration in sharing my story; to let someone else know she's not alone.

The other book will focus on the lessons you learned, about yourself, the world, men, whatever wisdom you gained from having gone through the depths of despair of heartbreak.

If you'd like to be a part of either one of these next 2 upcoming publications, please fill out this form to get started.

Your story is important in helping another woman heal from heartbreak or maybe just give her a laugh.

Please join me in bringing these next 2 projects to life.