The Roller Coaster of Life

Haven't we all been on a roller coaster at different times in our lives? I can recall vividly the  lows going through my teenage years, after my parents' divorce, and the peaks that followed after I'd gained some distance from that emotional pain. 

My colleague, Al Diaz, recently posted about his own roller coaster episodes in life - 

"Since August 2005 I have had two books published, one self-published, and three more I have collaborated on. I also have been on stage across the U.S. and internationally to be recognized as an International Keynote Speaker. In August of 2013 a red carpet world premiere was held for my movie I produced called "BEyond Hope".

If somebody would have told me prior to August of 2005 that in the next 10 years I would accomplish all that I indicated above, plus host the Evolution Fest this coming June, I would have said you are freakin' nuts!

But yet it all happened..." (read more here)

A few year's ago I was about as low as one could go after going through a few years of taking some serious blows to my self-worth and then the abrupt end to my marriage in a storm of discovered betrayal and lies. All my beliefs were dismantled and my life changed forever.

It was from that point that I had to change my beliefs in order to move on. And mine was a very bumpy path. As I stumbled and fell face first, I picked up pebbles of wisdom, tucking them away in my toolbox for future use.

As I read Al's post on his reflections back to all the experiences he's had because of his willingness to get on the introspection and improvement path - it made me think of the amazing things I've been able to experience because of the life event that, at the time, felt like the end of my world forever.

Today, I don't believe in forever.

A few years ago, I would never have imagined that I'd be presenting my talk on the power of changing beliefs to change our lives. Am I a bit scared, hell yeah! But I'm stepping out over that thresh hold of fear because I know I will grow because of the experience. I choose to have faith in my intention of having a positive impact on someone who may see themselves in my story and take one small step toward their bright future.